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A Proposed Framework for the Comprehensive Scalability Assessment of ICTD Projects

by   Gugulethu Baduza, et al.

The scalability of ICTD projects is an imperative topic that has been neglected in the field. Little has been written or investigated about the assessment of the scalability of ICTD projects due to factors, such as the lack of proven business models for success, the high failure rate of projects, undefined aspects of assessment, and the small number of projects that have scaled. Therefore, there are various factors that should be taken into consideration to alleviate the challenges experienced in the process of scaling up. This research study is guided by an investigation into how can the scalability of an ICTD project be assessed using a comprehensive evaluation approach that considers the impact and potential sustainability of the project. This research study proposes a Comprehensive Scalability Assessment Framework (CSAF), using systems theory and amplification theory to guide the theoretical analysis and empirical investigation. A theorizing approach is used to develop the framework, which is structured around three components: assessment guidelines and proceeding domains of evaluation; four scalability themes (stakeholder composition, models feasibility, resources sustainability and resilience) and judge scalability.


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