A proposal for Transversal Computer-related Strategies Services for Scientific and Training efforts for the LASF4RI

by   Arturo Sánchez Pineda, et al.

This schematic proposal is looking to give a first view of the different and vital services, protocols, tools and know-how relative to the Scientific Computing (SC) and Information Technology (IT) for scientific endeavours and capacity-building projects in the Latin America region. The proposal of transversal services and protocols for the design, development, deployment, distribution, training, publication and citation, proper accreditation and dissemination of scientific experiments, data, processes, software, documentation, results and resources using world-leading protocols and industrial standards under the Open Access philosophy is presented. It shows a dedicated review of scenarios and proposals that can be seen under the umbrella of a "SC+IT Hub". It also gives effective usage of current hybrid spaces (physical and virtual) that contains very well known industrial and academic resources and practical ideas and how to deploy those for current *diverse* and future experiments and research teams in the region.



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