A priori and a posteriori error analysis of an unfitted HDG method for semi-linear elliptic problems

by   Nestor Sánchez, et al.

We present a priori and a posteriori error analysis of a high order hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) method applied to a semi-linear elliptic problem posed on a piecewise curved, non polygonal domain. We approximate Ω by a polygonal subdomain Ω_h and propose an HDG discretization, which is shown to be optimal under mild assumptions related to the non-linear source term and the distance between the boundaries of the polygonal subdomain Ω_h and the true domain Ω. Moreover, a local non-linear post-processing of the scalar unknown is proposed and shown to provide an additional order of convergence. A reliable and locally efficient a posteriori error estimator that takes into account the error in the approximation of the boundary data of Ω_h is also provided.



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