A Preliminary Comparison Between Compressive Sampling and Anisotropic Mesh-based Image Representation

by   Xianping Li, et al.

Compressed sensing (CS) has become a popular field in the last two decades to represent and reconstruct a sparse signal with much fewer samples than the signal itself. Although regular images are not sparse in their own, many can be sparsely represented in wavelet transform domain. Therefore, CS has also been widely applied to represent digital images. An alternative approach, adaptive sampling such as mesh-based image representation (MbIR), however, has not attracted as much attention. MbIR works directly on image pixels and represent the image with fewer points using a triangular mesh. In this paper, we perform a preliminary comparison between the CS and a recently developed MbIR method, AMA representation. The results demonstrate that, at the same sample density, AMA representation can provide better reconstruction quality than CS based on the tested algorithms. Further investigation with recent algorithms are needed to perform a thorough comparison.



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