A Practical Marine Wireless Sensor Network Monitoring System Based on LoRa and MQTT

by   Ao Huang, et al.

Under the advocacy of the international community, more and more research topics have been built around the ocean. This paper proposed an implementation scheme of marine wireless sensor network monitoring system based on LoRa and MQTT. Different from the traditional network architecture, the system was constructed by combining with two network forms, and according to their respective characteristics, the overall design followed the transition from LoRa to MQTT. We first used LoRa to interconnect the sensor nodes with the gateway, and on this basis, the collected data was sent to the server visualization platform through MQTT, the backend management server would continuously refresh the monitoring page. At the same time, the client could use a browser-based web application to directly access and call data for global maritime information monitoring. In the future, we will further improve the system and optimize the algorithm, to achieve more dimensions and deeper exploration of the underwater world.



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