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A Physical Layer Model for the Performance Evaluation of V2X Communication

by   Stefania Bartoletti, et al.

Recent advancements in V2X communications have greatly increased the flexibility of the physical and MAC layers. The performance evaluation of V2X communication systems should take such flexibility into account through a cross-layer approach, which often leads to complex evaluation processes. Indeed, many performance evaluations presented in the literature rely on simple models to abstract the physical layer of the supported technologies. However, such models are usually not general, i.e., their applications are limited to specific scenarios or technologies, thus failing to reflect the flexibility of current V2X communications. Alternative solutions require computationally intensive simulations at the link level or non-trivial parameter tuning. The goal of this paper is to develop a new approach for modeling V2X communications at the physical layer. The approach is general for different technologies and has been validated through experimental data and system simulations with both IEEE 802.11p and sidelink LTE-V2X technologies.


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