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A Periodic Isoperimetric Problem Related to the Unique Games Conjecture

by   Steven Heilman, et al.
University of Notre Dame

We prove the endpoint case of a conjecture of Khot and Moshkovitz related to the Unique Games Conjecture, less a small error. Let n≥2. Suppose a subset Ω of n-dimensional Euclidean space R^n satisfies -Ω=Ω^c and Ω+v=Ω^c for any standard basis vector v∈R^n. For any x=(x_1,...,x_n)∈R^n and for any q≥1, let x_q^q=|x_1|^q+...+|x_n|^q and let γ_n(x)=(2π)^-n/2e^-x_2^2/2 . For any x∈∂Ω, let N(x) denote the exterior normal vector at x such that N(x)_2=1. Let B={x∈R^nsin(π(x_1+...+x_n))≥0}. Our main result shows that B has the smallest Gaussian surface area among all such subsets Ω, less a small error: ∫_∂Ωγ_n(x)dx≥(1-6· 10^-9)∫_∂ Bγ_n(x)dx+∫_∂Ω(1-N(x)_1/√(n))γ_n(x)dx. In particular, ∫_∂Ωγ_n(x)dx≥(1-6· 10^-9)∫_∂ Bγ_n(x)dx. Standard arguments extend these results to a corresponding weak inequality for noise stability. Removing the factor 6· 10^-9 would prove the endpoint case of the Khot-Moshkovitz conjecture. Lastly, we prove a Euclidean analogue of the Khot and Moshkovitz conjecture. The full conjecture of Khot and Moshkovitz provides strong evidence for the truth of the Unique Games Conjecture, a central conjecture in theoretical computer science that is closely related to the P versus NP problem. So, our results also provide evidence for the truth of the Unique Games Conjecture. Nevertheless, this paper does not prove any case of the Unique Games conjecture.


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