A Perceptual Quality Assessment Exploration for AIGC Images

by   Zicheng Zhang, et al.

AI Generated Content (AIGC) has gained widespread attention with the increasing efficiency of deep learning in content creation. AIGC, created with the assistance of artificial intelligence technology, includes various forms of content, among which the AI-generated images (AGIs) have brought significant impact to society and have been applied to various fields such as entertainment, education, social media, etc. However, due to hardware limitations and technical proficiency, the quality of AIGC images (AGIs) varies, necessitating refinement and filtering before practical use. Consequently, there is an urgent need for developing objective models to assess the quality of AGIs. Unfortunately, no research has been carried out to investigate the perceptual quality assessment for AGIs specifically. Therefore, in this paper, we first discuss the major evaluation aspects such as technical issues, AI artifacts, unnaturalness, discrepancy, and aesthetics for AGI quality assessment. Then we present the first perceptual AGI quality assessment database, AGIQA-1K, which consists of 1,080 AGIs generated from diffusion models. A well-organized subjective experiment is followed to collect the quality labels of the AGIs. Finally, we conduct a benchmark experiment to evaluate the performance of current image quality assessment (IQA) models.


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