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A One-Class Support Vector Machine Calibration Method for Time Series Change Point Detection

by   Baihong Jin, et al.
berkeley college
California Institute of Technology

It is important to identify the change point of a system's health status, which usually signifies an incipient fault under development. The One-Class Support Vector Machine (OC-SVM) is a popular machine learning model for anomaly detection and hence could be used for identifying change points; however, it is sometimes difficult to obtain a good OC-SVM model that can be used on sensor measurement time series to identify the change points in system health status. In this paper, we propose a novel approach for calibrating OC-SVM models. The approach uses a heuristic search method to find a good set of input data and hyperparameters that yield a well-performing model. Our results on the C-MAPSS dataset demonstrate that OC-SVM can also achieve satisfactory accuracy in detecting change point in time series with fewer training data, compared to state-of-the-art deep learning approaches. In our case study, the OC-SVM calibrated by the proposed model is shown to be useful especially in scenarios with limited amount of training data.


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