A novel three party Quantum secret sharing scheme based on Bell state sequential measurements with application in quantum image sharing

by   Farhan Musanna, et al.

In this work, we present a quantum secret sharing scheme based on Bell state entanglement and sequential projection measurements. The protocol verifies the n out of n scheme and supports the aborting of the protocol in case all the parties do not divulge in their valid measurement outcomes. The operator-qubit pair forms an integral part of the scheme determining the classical secret to be shared. The protocol is robust enough to neutralize any eavesdropping on a particular qubit of the dealer. The experimental demonstration of the scheme is done on IBM-QE cloud platform with backends IBMQ_16_Melbourne and IBMQ_QASM_SIMULATOR_V0.1.547 simulator. The security analysis performed on the scheme and the comparative analysis supports our claim of a stringent and an efficient scheme as compared to some recent quantum and semi-quantum techniques of secret sharing.



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