A Novel Sybil Attack Detection Scheme Based on Edge Computing for Mobile IoT Environment

by   Zhengyu Wu, et al.

Internet of things (IoT) connects all items to the Internet through information-sensing devices to exchange information for intelligent identification and management. Sybil attack is a famous and crippling attack in IoT. Most of the previous methods of detecting Sybil attacks in IoT mainly focus on static IoT while there are very rare methods applicable to mobile IoT. In this paper, a novel, lightweight, and distributive detection scheme based on edge computing is proposed for detecting Sybil attacks in mobile IoT. In the proposed scheme, a detection consists of two rounds. In each round, member nodes are required to send packets to edge nodes. Edge nodes calculate a possible interval of the received signal strength indication (RSSI) from the first round and check whether the RSSI from the second round is in the interval to detect Sybil attack. Extensive experimental studies are included to show that the presented approach outperforms many existing approaches in terms of true detection and false detection rates. Moreover, experimental results show that the fault tolerance design in the proposed approach greatly enhances the detection scheme.


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