A novel method of speech information hiding based on 3D-Magic Matrix

by   Zhongliang Yang, et al.

Redundant information of low-bit-rate speech is extremely small, thus it's very difficult to implement large capacity steganography on the low-bit-rate speech. Based on multiple vector quantization characteristics of the Line Spectrum Pair (LSP) of the speech codec, this paper proposes a steganography scheme using a 3D-Magic matrix to enlarge capacity and improve quality of speech. A cyclically moving algorithm to construct a 3D-Magic matrix for steganography is proposed in this paper, as well as an embedding and an extracting algorithm of steganography based on the 3D-Magic matrix in low-bit-rate speech codec. Theoretical analysis is provided to demonstrate that the concealment and the hidden capacity are greatly improved with the proposed scheme. Experimental results show the hidden capacity is raised to 200bps in ITU-T G.723.1 codec. Moreover, the quality of steganography speech in Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) reduces no more than 4 indicating a little impact on the quality of speech. In addition, the proposed hidden scheme could prevent being detected by some steganalysis tools effectively.


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