A Novel Map of Knowledge for Science

by   Fan Shen, et al.

With the expansion of scientific research, the number of scientific research results is increasing. How to summarize these data has become an urgent problem. Therefore, knowledge mapping methods come into being, providing a lot of management and application functions. However, it is still a problem to fully understand the knowledge map, especially in the field of sociology. In this paper, a three-dimensional knowledge map is proposed with time, space and number based on category and numericity, which concludes all the scientific problems related to numericity interdisciplinary. Compared with the traditional way, this map is normative, and puts forward the general production criteria of labeling and digitization. It is also intuitive and readable, on which nature, society and formal science are expressed in the same picture. The scientific methodologies are summarized, so that the methods with similar logic between different disciplines can be used for reference in development. Some social subjects are expressed more vividly than traditional text-based expressions, and are compatible with the natural science system. Mathematics also show its importance on the map as formal Science, indicating that it is the key to the development of science. This is not only a preliminary model of a comprehensive scientific worldview, but also a preliminary framework for the connection and cooperation of various disciplines in the future.


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