A Novel Local Binary Pattern Based Blind Feature Image Steganography

by   Soumendu Chakraborty, et al.

Steganography methods in general terms tend to embed more and more secret bits in the cover images. Most of these methods are designed to embed secret information in such a way that the change in the visual quality of the resulting stego image is not detectable. There exists some methods which preserve the global structure of the cover after embedding. However, the embedding capacity of these methods is very less. In this paper a novel feature based blind image steganography technique is proposed, which preserves the LBP (Local binary pattern) feature of the cover with comparable embedding rates. Local binary pattern is a well known image descriptor used for image representation. The proposed scheme computes the local binary pattern to hide the bits of the secret image in such a way that the local relationship that exists in the cover are preserved in the resulting stego image. The performance of the proposed steganography method has been tested on several images of different types to show the robustness. State of the art LSB based steganography methods are compared with the proposed method to show the effectiveness of feature based image steganography



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