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A novel evolutionary-based neuro-fuzzy task scheduling approach to jointly optimize the main design challenges of heterogeneous MPSoCs

by   Athena Abdi, et al.
Synacor, Inc.
Shahid Beheshti University

In this paper, an online task scheduling and mapping method based on a fuzzy neural network (FNN) learned by an evolutionary multi-objective algorithm (NSGA-II) to jointly optimize the main design challenges of heterogeneous MPSoCs is proposed. In this approach, first, the FNN parameters are trained using an NSGA-II-based optimization engine by considering the main design challenges of MPSoCs including temperature, power consumption, failure rate, and execution time on a training dataset consisting of different application graphs of various sizes. Next, the trained FNN is employed as an online task scheduler to jointly optimize the main design challenges in heterogeneous MPSoCs. Due to the uncertainty in sensor measurements and the difference between computational models and reality, applying the fuzzy neural network is advantageous in online scheduling procedures. The performance of the method is compared with some previous heuristic, meta-heuristic, and rule-based approaches in several experiments. Based on these experiments our proposed method outperforms the related studies in optimizing all design criteria. Its improvement over related heuristic and meta-heuristic approaches are estimated 10.58 12.06 nature of the FNN, the frequently fired extracted fuzzy rules of the proposed approach are demonstrated.


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