A Novel Chaos-based Light-weight Image Encryption Scheme for Multi-modal Hearing Aids

by   Awais Aziz Shah, et al.

Multimodal hearing aids (HAs) aim to deliver more intelligible audio in noisy environments by contextually sensing and processing data in the form of not only audio but also visual information (e.g. lip reading). Machine learning techniques can play a pivotal role for the contextually processing of multimodal data. However, since the computational power of HA devices is low, therefore this data must be processed either on the edge or cloud which, in turn, poses privacy concerns for sensitive user data. Existing literature proposes several techniques for data encryption but their computational complexity is a major bottleneck to meet strict latency requirements for development of future multi-modal hearing aids. To overcome this problem, this paper proposes a novel real-time audio/visual data encryption scheme based on chaos-based encryption using the Tangent-Delay Ellipse Reflecting Cavity-Map System (TD-ERCS) map and Non-linear Chaotic (NCA) Algorithm. The results achieved against different security parameters, including Correlation Coefficient, Unified Averaged Changed Intensity (UACI), Key Sensitivity Analysis, Number of Changing Pixel Rate (NPCR), Mean-Square Error (MSE), Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), Entropy test, and Chi-test, indicate that the newly proposed scheme is more lightweight due to its lower execution time as compared to existing schemes and more secure due to increased key-space against modern brute-force attacks.


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