A Node Embedding Framework for Integration of Similarity-based Drug Combination Prediction

by   Liang Yu, et al.

Motivation: Drug combination is a sensible strategy for disease treatment by improving the efficacy and reducing concomitant side effects. Due to the large number of possible combinations among candidate compounds, exhaustive screening is prohibitive. Currently, a plenty of studies have focused on predicting potential drug combinations. However, these methods are not entirely satisfactory in performance and scalability. Results: In this paper, we proposed a Network Embedding framework in Multiplex Networks (NEMN) to predict synthetic drug combinations. Based on a multiplex drug similarity network, we offered alternative methods to integrate useful information from different aspects and to decide quantitative importance of each network. To explain the feasibility of NEMN, we applied our framework to the data of drug-drug interactions, on which it showed better performance in terms of AUPR and ROC. For Drug combination prediction, we found seven novel drug combinations which have been validated by external sources among the top-ranked predictions of our model.



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