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A New Validity Index for Fuzzy-Possibilistic C-Means Clustering

In some complicated datasets, due to the presence of noisy data points and outliers, cluster validity indices can give conflicting results in determining the optimal number of clusters. This paper presents a new validity index for fuzzy-possibilistic c-means clustering called Fuzzy-Possibilistic (FP) index, which works well in the presence of clusters that vary in shape and density. Moreover, FPCM like most of the clustering algorithms is susceptible to some initial parameters. In this regard, in addition to the number of clusters, FPCM requires a priori selection of the degree of fuzziness and the degree of typicality. Therefore, we presented an efficient procedure for determining their optimal values. The proposed approach has been evaluated using several synthetic and real-world datasets. Final computational results demonstrate the capabilities and reliability of the proposed approach compared with several well-known fuzzy validity indices in the literature. Furthermore, to clarify the ability of the proposed method in real applications, the proposed method is implemented in microarray gene expression data clustering and medical image segmentation.


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