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A New Registration Approach for Dynamic Analysis of Calcium Signals in Organs

by   Peixian Liang, et al.

Wing disc pouches of fruit flies are a powerful genetic model for studying physiological intercellular calcium (Ca^2+) signals for dynamic analysis of cell signaling in organ development and disease studies. A key to analyzing spatial-temporal patterns of Ca^2+ signal waves is to accurately align the pouches across image sequences. However, pouches in different image frames may exhibit extensive intensity oscillations due to Ca^2+ signaling dynamics, and commonly used multimodal non-rigid registration methods may fail to achieve satisfactory results. In this paper, we develop a new two-phase non-rigid registration approach to register pouches in image sequences. First, we conduct segmentation of the region of interest. (i.e., pouches) using a deep neural network model. Second, we obtain an optimal transformation and align pouches across the image sequences. Evaluated using both synthetic data and real pouch data, our method considerably outperforms the state-of-the-art non-rigid registration methods.


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