A new paradigm for accelerating clinical data science at Stanford Medicine

03/17/2020 ∙ by Somalee Datta, et al. ∙ 0

Stanford Medicine is building a new data platform for our academic research community to do better clinical data science. Hospitals have a large amount of patient data and researchers have demonstrated the ability to reuse that data and AI approaches to derive novel insights, support patient care, and improve care quality. However, the traditional data warehouse and Honest Broker approaches that are in current use, are not scalable. We are establishing a new secure Big Data platform that aims to reduce time to access and analyze data. In this platform, data is anonymized to preserve patient data privacy and made available preparatory to Institutional Review Board (IRB) submission. Furthermore, the data is standardized such that analysis done at Stanford can be replicated elsewhere using the same analytical code and clinical concepts. Finally, the analytics data warehouse integrates with a secure data science computational facility to support large scale data analytics. The ecosystem is designed to bring the modern data science community to highly sensitive clinical data in a secure and collaborative big data analytics environment with a goal to enable bigger, better and faster science.



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