A New Framework to Adopt Multidimensional Databases for Organizational Information System Strategies

05/17/2021 ∙ by Bryar A. Hassan, et al. ∙ 0

As information becomes increasingly sizable for organizations to maintain the challenge of organizing data still remains. More importantly, the on-going process of analysing incoming data occurs on a continual basis and organizations should employ existing procedures that may not be adequate or efficient when attempting to access specific information to analyse. In these latter days of technological advancement, organizations can offer their customers extensive data resources to utilize and thus accomplish individual objectives and maintain competitiveness; however, it remains a challenge in providing data in a format that serves each clients suited needs. For some, the complexity of a data model can be overwhelming to utilize. Furthermore, companies should secure an understanding of the purchasing power used by specific consumer groups to remain competitive and ease the operation of data analysis. This research paper is to examine the use of multi-dimensional models within a business environment and how it may provide customers and managers with generating queries that will provide accurate and relevant data for effective analysis. It also provides a new framework that can aid various types of organisations using sizable database systems to create their own multidimensional model from relational databases and present the data in multidimensional views. It also defines the requirements. Despite the availability of set tools, the complexity of utilizing the conceptions discourages customers as they may become apprehensive about exploring these options for analytical purposes. This could be done by conducting a query.



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