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A New Fast Computation of a Permanent

by   Xuewei Niu, et al.

This paper proposes a general algorithm called Store-zechin for quickly computing the permanent of an arbitrary square matrix. Its key idea is storage, multiplexing, and recursion. That is, in a recursive process, some sub-terms which have already been calculated are no longer calculated, but are directly substituted with the previous calculation results. The new algorithm utilizes sufficiently computer memories and stored data to speed the computation of a permanent. The Analyses show that computating the permanent of an n * n matrix by Store-zechin requires (2^(n - 1)- 1)n multiplications and (2^(n-1))(n - 2)+ 1 additions while does (2^n - 1)n + 1 multiplications and (2^n - n)(n + 1)- 2 additions by the Ryser algorithm, and does (2^(n - 1))n + (n + 2) multiplications and (2^(n - 1))(n + 1)+ (n^2 - n -1) additions by the R-N-W algorithm. Therefore, Store-zechin is excellent more than the latter two algorithms, and has a better application prospect.


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