A New Approach to the Solution of Economic Dispatch Using Particle Swarm Optimization with Simulated Annealing

by   V. Karthikeyan, et al.

A new approach to the solution of Economic Dispatch using Particle Swarm Optimization is presented. It is the progression of allocating production amongst the dedicated units such that the restriction forced are fulfilled and the power needs are reduced. More just, the soft computing method has received supplementary concentration and was used in a quantity of successful and sensible applications. Here, an attempt has been made to find out the minimum cost by using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm using the data of three generating units. In this work, data has been taken such as the loss coefficients with the max-min power limit and cost function. PSO and Simulated Annealing are functional to put out the least amount for dissimilar energy requirements. When the outputs are compared with the conventional method, PSO seems to give an improved result with enhanced convergence feature. All the methods are executed in MATLAB environment. The effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed method were demonstrated by three generating units case study. Output gives hopeful results, signifying that the projected method of calculation is competent of economically formative advanced eminence solutions addressing economic dispatch problems.


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