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A new approach to measure the scientific strengths of territories

by   Giovanni Abramo, et al.

The current work applies a methodology for mapping the supply of new knowledge from public research organizations, in this case from Italian institutions at the level of regions and provinces (NUTS2 and NUTS3). Through the analysis of scientific production indexed in the Web of Science for the period 2006-2010, the new knowledge is classified in subject categories and mapped according to an algorithm for the reconciliation of authors' affiliations. Unlike other studies in the literature based on simple counting of publications, the present study adopts an indicator, Scientific Strength, which takes account of both the quantity of scientific production and its impact on the advancement of knowledge. The differences in the results that arise from the two approaches are examined. The results of works of this kind can inform public research policies, at national and local levels, as well as the localization strategies of research-based companies.


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