A New Approach for Improvement Security against DoS Attacks in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network

by   Reza Fotohi, et al.

Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANET) are a proper subset of mobile wireless networks, where nodes are revulsive, the vehicles are armed with special electronic devices on the motherboard OBU (On Board Unit) which enables them to trasmit and receive messages from other vehicles in the VANET. Furthermore the communication between the vehicles, the VANET interface is donated by the contact points with road infrastructure. VANET is a subgroup of MANETs. Unlike the MANETs nodes, VANET nodes are moving very fast. Impound a permanent route for the dissemination of emergency messages and alerts from a danger zone is a very challenging task. Therefore, routing plays a significant duty in VANETs. decreasing network overhead, avoiding network congestion, increasing traffic congestion and packet delivery ratio are the most important issues associated with routing in VANETs. In addition, VANET network is subject to various security attacks. In base VANET systems, an algorithm is used to dicover attacks at the time of confirmation in which overhead delay occurs. This paper proposes (P-Secure) approach which is used for the detection of DoS attacks before the confirmation time. This reduces the overhead delays for processing and increasing the security in VANETs. Simulation results show that the P-Secure approach, is more efficient than OBUmodelVaNET approach in terms of PDR, e2e_delay, throughput and drop packet rate.



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