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A Narrative Literature Review and E-Commerce Website Research

by   Khan Mashiur Rahman, et al.

In this study, a narrative literature review regarding culture and e-commerce website design has been introduced. Cultural aspect and e-commerce website design will play a significant role for successful global e-commerce sites in the future. Future success of businesses will rely on e-commerce. To compete in the global e-commerce marketplace, local businesses need to focus on designing culturally friendly e-commerce websites. To the best of my knowledge, there has been insignificant research conducted on correlations between culture and e-commerce website design. The research shows that there are correlations between e-commerce, culture, and website design. The result of the study indicates that cultural aspects influence e-commerce website design. This study aims to deliver a reference source for information systems and information technology researchers interested in culture and e-commerce website design, and will show lessfocused research areas in addition to future directions.


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