A Multimodal Analysis of Influencer Content on Twitter

by   Danae Sanchez Villegas, et al.

Influencer marketing involves a wide range of strategies in which brands collaborate with popular content creators (i.e., influencers) to leverage their reach, trust, and impact on their audience to promote and endorse products or services. Because followers of influencers are more likely to buy a product after receiving an authentic product endorsement rather than an explicit direct product promotion, the line between personal opinions and commercial content promotion is frequently blurred. This makes automatic detection of regulatory compliance breaches related to influencer advertising (e.g., misleading advertising or hidden sponsorships) particularly difficult. In this work, we (1) introduce a new Twitter (now X) dataset consisting of 15,998 influencer posts mapped into commercial and non-commercial categories for assisting in the automatic detection of commercial influencer content; (2) experiment with an extensive set of predictive models that combine text and visual information showing that our proposed cross-attention approach outperforms state-of-the-art multimodal models; and (3) conduct a thorough analysis of strengths and limitations of our models. We show that multimodal modeling is useful for identifying commercial posts, reducing the amount of false positives, and capturing relevant context that aids in the discovery of undisclosed commercial posts.


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