A Multi-Purpose Scenario-based Simulator for Smart House Environments

05/14/2011 ∙ by Zahra Forootan Jahromi, et al. ∙ 0

Developing smart house systems has been a great challenge for researchers and engineers in this area because of the high cost of implementation and evaluation process of these systems, while being very time consuming. Testing a designed smart house before actually building it is considered as an obstacle towards an efficient smart house project. This is because of the variety of sensors, home appliances and devices available for a real smart environment. In this paper, we present the design and implementation of a multi-purpose smart house simulation system for designing and simulating all aspects of a smart house environment. This simulator provides the ability to design the house plan and different virtual sensors and appliances in a two dimensional model of the virtual house environment. This simulator can connect to any external smart house remote controlling system, providing evaluation capabilities to their system much easier than before. It also supports detailed adding of new emerging sensors and devices to help maintain its compatibility with future simulation needs. Scenarios can also be defined for testing various possible combinations of device states; so different criteria and variables can be simply evaluated without the need of experimenting on a real environment.



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