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A Multi-input Multi-output Transformer-based Hybrid Neural Network for Multi-class Privacy Disclosure Detection

by   A K M Nuhil Mehdy, et al.

The concern regarding users' data privacy has risen to its highest level due to the massive increase in communication platforms, social networking sites, and greater users' participation in online public discourse. An increasing number of people exchange private information via emails, text messages, and social media without being aware of the risks and implications. Researchers in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) have concentrated on creating tools and strategies to identify, categorize, and sanitize private information in text data since a substantial amount of data is exchanged in textual form. However, most of the detection methods solely rely on the existence of pre-identified keywords in the text and disregard the inference of the underlying meaning of the utterance in a specific context. Hence, in some situations, these tools and algorithms fail to detect disclosure, or the produced results are miss-classified. In this paper, we propose a multi-input, multi-output hybrid neural network which utilizes transfer-learning, linguistics, and metadata to learn the hidden patterns. Our goal is to better classify disclosure/non-disclosure content in terms of the context of situation. We trained and evaluated our model on a human-annotated ground truth dataset, containing a total of 5,400 tweets. The results show that the proposed model was able to identify privacy disclosure through tweets with an accuracy of 77.4 impressive accuracy of 99


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