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A Modern Approach to Integrate Database Queries for Searching E-Commerce Product

by   Ahmad Tasnim Siddiqui, et al.

E commerce refers to the utilization of electronic data transmission for enhancing business processes and implementing business strategies. Explicit components of e commerce include providing after sales services, promoting services or products to services, processing payment, engaging in transaction processes, identifying customer needs, processing payment and creating services or products. In recent times, the use of e commerce has become too common among the people. However, the growing demand of e commerce sites have made essential for the databases to support direct querying of the Web page. This research aims to explore and evaluate the integration of database queries and their uses in searching of electronic commerce products. It has been analyzed that e commerce is one of the most outstanding trends, which have been emerged in the commerce world, for the last decades. Therefore, this study was undertaken to examine the benefits of integrating database queries with e commerce product searches. The findings of this study suggested that database queries are extremely valuable for e commerce sites as they make product searches simpler and accurate. In this context, the approach of integrating database queries is found to be the most suitable and satisfactory, as it simplifies the searching of e commerce products.


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