A Model for Reliable Uplink Transmissions in LoRaWAN

by   Furqan Hameed Khan, et al.

Long range wide area networks (LoRaWAN) technology provides a simple solution to enable low-cost services for low power internet-of-things (IoT) networks in various applications. The current evaluation of LoRaWAN networks relies on simulations or early testing, which are typically time consuming and prevent effective exploration of the design space. This paper proposes an analytical model to calculate the delay and energy consumed for reliable Uplink (UL) data delivery in Class A LoRaWAN. The analytical model is evaluated using a real network test-bed as well as simulation experiments based on the ns-3 LoRaWAN module. The resulting comparison confirms that the model accurately estimates the delay and energy consumed in the considered environment. The value of the model is demonstrated via its application to evaluate the impact of the number of end-devices and the maximum number of data frame retransmissions on delay and energy consumed for the confirmed UL data delivery in LoRaWAN networks. The model can be used to optimize different transmission parameters in future LoRaWAN networks.



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