A Model for General Intelligence

by   Paul Yaworsky, et al.

The overarching problem in artificial intelligence (AI) is that we do not understand the intelligence process well enough to enable the development of adequate computational models. Much work has been done in AI over the years at lower levels, but a big part of what has been missing involves the high level, abstract, general nature of intelligence. We address this gap by developing a model for general intelligence. To accomplish this, we focus on three basic aspects of intelligence. First, we must realize the general order and nature of intelligence at a high level. Second, we must come to know what these realizations mean with respect to the overall intelligence process. Third, we must describe these realizations as clearly as possible. We propose a hierarchical model to help capture and exploit the order within intelligence. The underlying order involves patterns of signals that become organized, stored and activated in space and time. These patterns can be described using a simple, general hierarchy, with physical signals at the lowest level, information in the middle, and abstract signal representations at the top. This high level perspective provides a big picture that literally helps us see the intelligence process, thereby enabling fundamental realizations, a better understanding and clear descriptions of the intelligence process. The resulting model can be used to support all kinds of information processing across multiple levels of abstraction. As computer technology improves, and as cooperation increases between humans and computers, people will become more efficient and more productive in performing their information processing tasks.


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