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A Method to Judge the Style of Classical Poetry Based on Pre-trained Model

by   Ziyao Wang, et al.

One of the important topics in the research field of Chinese classical poetry is to analyze the poetic style. By examining the relevant works of previous dynasties, researchers judge a poetic style mostly by their subjective feelings, and refer to the previous evaluations that have become a certain conclusion. Although this judgment method is often effective, there may be some errors. This paper builds the most perfect data set of Chinese classical poetry at present, trains a BART-poem pre -trained model on this data set, and puts forward a generally applicable poetry style judgment method based on this BART-poem model, innovatively introduces in-depth learning into the field of computational stylistics, and provides a new research method for the study of classical poetry. This paper attempts to use this method to solve the problem of poetry style identification in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and takes the poetry schools that are considered to have a relatively clear and consistent poetic style, such as the Hongzheng Qizi and Jiajing Qizi, Jiangxi poetic school and Tongguang poetic school, as the research object, and takes the poems of their representative poets for testing. Experiments show that the judgment results of the tested poetry work made by the model are basically consistent with the conclusions given by critics of previous dynasties, verify some avant-garde judgments of Mr. Qian Zhongshu, and better solve the task of poetry style recognition in the Tang and Song dynasties.


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