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A Maturity Model for Public Administration as Open Translation Data Providers

by   Núria Bel, et al.

Any public administration that produces translation data can be a provider of useful reusable data to meet its own translation needs and the ones of other public organizations and private companies that work with texts of the same domain. These data can also be crucial to produce domain-tuned Machine Translation systems. The organization's management of the translation process, the characteristics of the archives of the generated resources and of the infrastructure available to support them determine the efficiency and the effectiveness with which the materials produced can be converted into reusable data. However, it is of utmost importance that the organizations themselves first become aware of the goods they are producing and, second, adapt their internal processes to become optimal providers. In this article, we propose a Maturity Model to help these organizations to achieve it by identifying the different stages of the management of translation data that determine the path to the aforementioned goal.


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