A mathematical design and evaluation of Bernstein-Bezier curves' shape features using the laws of technical aesthetics

by   Rifkat I. Nabiyev, et al.

We present some notes on the definition of mathematical design as well as on the methods of mathematical modeling which are used in the process of the artistic design of the environment and its components. For the first time in the field of geometric modeling, we perform an aesthetic analysis of planar Bernstein-Bezier curves from the standpoint of the laws of technical aesthetics. The shape features of the curve segments' geometry were evaluated using the following criteria: conciseness-integrity, expressiveness, proportional consistency, compositional balance, structural organization, imagery, rationality, dynamism, scale, flexibility and harmony. In the non-Russian literature, Bernstein-Bezier curves using a monotonic curvature function (i.e., a class A Bezier curve) are considered to be fair (i.e., beautiful) curves, but their aesthetic analysis has never been performed. The aesthetic analysis performed by the authors of this work means that this is no longer the case. To confirm the conclusions of the authors' research, a survey of the "aesthetic appropriateness" of certain Bernstein-Bezier curve segments was conducted among 240 children, aged 14-17. The results of this survey have shown themselves to be in full accordance with the authors' results.



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