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A Locking-Free P_0 Finite Element Method for Linear Elasticity Equations on Polytopal Partitions

by   Yujie Liu, et al.

This article presents a P_0 finite element method for boundary value problems for linear elasticity equations. The new method makes use of piecewise constant approximating functions on the boundary of each polytopal element, and is devised by simplifying and modifying the weak Galerkin finite element method based on P_1/P_0 approximations for the displacement. This new scheme includes a tangential stability term on top of the simplified weak Galerkin to ensure the necessary stability due to the rigid motion. The new method involves a small number of unknowns on each element; it is user-friendly in computer implementation; and the element stiffness matrix can be easily computed for general polytopal elements. The numerical method is of second order accurate, locking-free in the nearly incompressible limit, ease polytopal partitions in practical computation. Error estimates in H^1, L^2, and some negative norms are established for the corresponding numerical displacement. Numerical results are reported for several 2D and 3D test problems, including the classical benchmark Cook's membrane problem in two dimensions as well as some three dimensional problems involving shear loaded phenomenon. The numerical results show clearly the simplicity, stability, accuracy, and the efficiency of the new method.


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