A linearized framework and a new benchmark for model selection for fine-tuning

by   Aditya Deshpande, et al.

Fine-tuning from a collection of models pre-trained on different domains (a "model zoo") is emerging as a technique to improve test accuracy in the low-data regime. However, model selection, i.e. how to pre-select the right model to fine-tune from a model zoo without performing any training, remains an open topic. We use a linearized framework to approximate fine-tuning, and introduce two new baselines for model selection – Label-Gradient and Label-Feature Correlation. Since all model selection algorithms in the literature have been tested on different use-cases and never compared directly, we introduce a new comprehensive benchmark for model selection comprising of: i) A model zoo of single and multi-domain models, and ii) Many target tasks. Our benchmark highlights accuracy gain with model zoo compared to fine-tuning Imagenet models. We show our model selection baseline can select optimal models to fine-tune in few selections and has the highest ranking correlation to fine-tuning accuracy compared to existing algorithms.


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