A Lightweight and Transferable Design for Robust LEGO Manipulation

by   Ruixuan Liu, et al.

LEGO is a well-known platform for prototyping pixelized objects. However, robotic LEGO prototyping (i.e. manipulating LEGO bricks) is challenging due to the tight connections and accuracy requirement. This paper investigates safe and efficient robotic LEGO manipulation. In particular, this paper reduces the complexity of the manipulation by hardware-software co-design. An end-of-arm tool (EOAT) is designed, which reduces the problem dimension and allows large industrial robots to easily manipulate LEGO bricks. In addition, this paper uses evolution strategy to safely optimize the robot motion for LEGO manipulation. Experiments demonstrate that the EOAT performs reliably in manipulating LEGO bricks and the learning framework can effectively and safely improve the manipulation performance to a 100% success rate. The co-design is deployed to multiple robots (i.e. FANUC LR-mate 200id/7L and Yaskawa GP4) to demonstrate its generalizability and transferability. In the end, we show that the proposed solution enables sustainable robotic LEGO prototyping, in which the robot can repeatedly assemble and disassemble different prototypes.


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