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A large scale lexical and semantic analysis of Spanish language variations in Twitter

by   Eric S. Tellez, et al.

Dialectometry is a discipline devoted to studying the variations of a language around a geographical region. One of their goals is the creation of linguistic atlases capturing the similarities and differences of the language under study around the area in question. For instance, Spanish is one of the most spoken languages across the world, but not necessarily Spanish is written and spoken in the same way in different countries. This manuscript presents a broad analysis describing lexical and semantic relationships among 26 Spanish-speaking countries around the globe. For this study, we analyze four-year of the Twitter geotagged public stream to provide an extensive survey of the Spanish language vocabularies of different countries, its distributions, semantic usage of terms, and emojis. We also offer open regional word-embedding resources for Spanish Twitter to help other researchers and practitioners take advantage of regionalized models.


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