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A Large-Scale Analysis of Persian Tweets Regarding Covid-19 Vaccination

by   Taha ShabaniMirzaei, et al.
University of Tehran

The Covid-19 pandemic had an enormous effect on our lives, especially on people's interactions. By introducing Covid-19 vaccines, both positive and negative opinions were raised over the subject of taking vaccines or not. In this paper, using data gathered from Twitter, including tweets and user profiles, we offer a comprehensive analysis of public opinion in Iran about the Coronavirus vaccines. For this purpose, we applied a search query technique combined with a topic modeling approach to extract vaccine-related tweets. We utilized transformer-based models to classify the content of the tweets and extract themes revolving around vaccination. We also conducted an emotion analysis to evaluate the public happiness and anger around this topic. Our results demonstrate that Covid-19 vaccination has attracted considerable attention from different angles, such as governmental issues, safety or hesitancy, and side effects. Moreover, Coronavirus-relevant phenomena like public vaccination and the rate of infection deeply impacted public emotional status and users' interactions.


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