A Kings Ransom for Encryption: Ransomware Classification using Augmented One-Shot Learning and Bayesian Approximation

08/19/2019 ∙ by Amir Atapour Abarghouei, et al. ∙ 9

Newly emerging variants of ransomware pose an ever-growing threat to computer systems governing every aspect of modern life through the handling and analysis of big data. While various recent security-based approaches have focused on detecting and classifying ransomware at the network or system level, easy-to-use post-infection ransomware classification for the lay user has not been attempted before. In this paper, we investigate the possibility of classifying the ransomware a system is infected with simply based on a screenshot of the splash screen or the ransom note captured using a consumer camera commonly found in any modern mobile device. To train and evaluate our system, we create a sample dataset of the splash screens of 50 well-known ransomware variants. In our dataset, only a single training image is available per ransomware. Instead of creating a large training dataset of ransomware screenshots, we simulate screenshot capture conditions via carefully designed data augmentation techniques, enabling simple and efficient one-shot learning. Moreover, using model uncertainty obtained via Bayesian approximation, we ensure special input cases such as unrelated non-ransomware images and previously-unseen ransomware variants are correctly identified for special handling and not mis-classified. Extensive experimental evaluation demonstrates the efficacy of our work, with accuracy levels of up to 93.6 classification.



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