A Key-Agreement Protocol Based on Static Parameters and Hash Functions

by   Behrooz Khadem, et al.

Wireless Body Sensor Network (WBSN) is a developing technology with constraints in energy consumption, coverage radius, communication reliability. Also, communications between nodes contain very sensitive personal information in which sometimes due to the presence of hostile environments, there are a wide range of security risks. As such, designing authenticated key agreement (AKA) protocols is an important challenge in these networks. Recently, Li et al. proposed a lightweight scheme using the hash and XOR functions which is much more efficient compared with similar schemes based on elliptic curve. However, the investigations revealed that the claim concerning the unlinkability between the sessions of a sensor node is NOT true. The present paper considers the security issues of the scheme proposed by Li et al. and some of its new extensions in order to propose a new AKA scheme with anonymity and unlinkability of the sensor node sessions. The results of theoretical analysis compared with similar schemes indicate that the proposed scheme reduces average energy consumption and average computation time by 61 percent while reduces the average communication cost by 41 percent. Further, it has been shown by formal and informal analysis that, Besides the two anonymity and unlinkability features, the other main features of the security in the proposed scheme are comparable and similar to the recent similar schemes.


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