A Kalman filtering induced heuristic optimization based partitional data clustering

by   Arjun Pakrashi, et al.
Indian Statistical Instiute, Kolkata
Insight Centre for Data Analytics

Clustering algorithms have regained momentum with recent popularity of data mining and knowledge discovery approaches. To obtain good clustering in reasonable amount of time, various meta-heuristic approaches and their hybridization, sometimes with K-Means technique, have been employed. A Kalman Filtering based heuristic approach called Heuristic Kalman Algorithm (HKA) has been proposed a few years ago, which may be used for optimizing an objective function in data/feature space. In this paper at first HKA is employed in partitional data clustering. Then an improved approach named HKA-K is proposed, which combines the benefits of global exploration of HKA and the fast convergence of K-Means method. Implemented and tested on several datasets from UCI machine learning repository, the results obtained by HKA-K were compared with other hybrid meta-heuristic clustering approaches. It is shown that HKA-K is atleast as good as and often better than the other compared algorithms.


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