A highly accurate boundary integral method for the elastic obstacle scattering problem

by   Heping Dong, et al.

Consider the scattering of a time-harmonic plane wave by a rigid obstacle embedded in a homogeneous and isotropic elastic medium in two dimensions. In this paper, a novel boundary integral formulation is proposed and its highly accurate numerical method is developed for the elastic obstacle scattering problem. More specifically, based on the Helmholtz decomposition, the model problem is reduced to a coupled boundary integral equation with singular kernels. A regularized system is constructed in order to handle the degenerated integral operators. The semi-discrete and full-discrete schemes are studied for the boundary integral system by using the trigonometric collocation method. Convergence is established for the numerical schemes in some appropriate Sobolev spaces. Numerical experiments are presented for both smooth and nonsmooth obstacles to demonstrate the superior performance of the proposed method.



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