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A Hierarchical Genetic Optimization of a Fuzzy Logic System for Flow Control in Micro Grids

by   Enrico De Santis, et al.
Ryerson University
Sapienza University of Rome

Bio-inspired algorithms like Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Inference Systems (FIS) are nowadays widely adopted as hybrid techniques in commercial and industrial environment. In this paper we present an interesting application of the fuzzy-GA paradigm to Smart Grids. The main aim consists in performing decision making for power flow management tasks in the proposed microgrid model equipped by renewable sources and an energy storage system, taking into account the economical profit in energy trading with the main-grid. In particular, this study focuses on the application of a Hierarchical Genetic Algorithm (HGA) for tuning the Rule Base (RB) of a Fuzzy Inference System (FIS), trying to discover a minimal fuzzy rules set in a Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) adopted to perform decision making in the microgrid. The HGA rationale focuses on a particular encoding scheme, based on control genes and parametric genes applied to the optimization of the FIS parameters, allowing to perform a reduction in the structural complexity of the RB. This approach will be referred in the following as fuzzy-HGA. Results are compared with a simpler approach based on a classic fuzzy-GA scheme, where both FIS parameters and rule weights are tuned, while the number of fuzzy rules is fixed in advance. Experiments shows how the fuzzy-HGA approach adopted for the synthesis of the proposed controller outperforms the classic fuzzy-GA scheme, increasing the accounting profit by 67% in the considered energy trading problem yielding at the same time a simpler RB.


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