A Guide to Reproducible Research in Signal Processing and Machine Learning

by   Joseph Shenouda, et al.

Reproducibility is a growing problem that has been extensively studied among computational researchers and within the signal processing and machine learning research community. However, with the changing landscape of signal processing and machine learning research come new obstacles and unseen challenges in creating reproducible experiments. Due to these new challenges most experiments have become difficult, if not impossible, to be reproduced by an independent researcher. In 2016 a survey conducted by the journal Nature found that 50 researchers were unable to reproduce their own experiments. While the issue of reproducibility has been discussed in the literature and specifically within the signal processing community, it is still unclear to most researchers what are the best practices to ensure reproducibility without impinging on their primary responsibility of conducting research. We feel that although researchers understand the importance of making experiments reproducible, the lack of a clear set of standards and tools makes it difficult to incorporate good reproducibility practices in most labs. It is in this regard that we aim to present signal processing researchers with a set of practical tools and strategies that can help mitigate many of the obstacles to producing reproducible computational experiments.


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