A General Modeling Framework for Network Autoregressive Processes

by   Hang Yin, et al.

The paper develops a general flexible framework for Network Autoregressive Processes (NAR), wherein the response of each node linearly depends on its past values, a prespecified linear combination of neighboring nodes and a set of node-specific covariates. The corresponding coefficients are node-specific, while the framework can accommodate heavier than Gaussian errors with both spatial-autorgressive and factor based covariance structures. We provide a sufficient condition that ensures the stability (stationarity) of the underlying NAR that is significantly weaker than its counterparts in previous work in the literature. Further, we develop ordinary and generalized least squares estimators for both a fixed, as well as a diverging number of network nodes, and also provide their ridge regularized counterparts that exhibit better performance in large network settings, together with their asymptotic distributions. We also address the issue of misspecifying the network connectivity and its impact on the aforementioned asymptotic distributions of the various NAR parameter estimators. The framework is illustrated on both synthetic and real air pollution data.



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