A Functional Architecture for 6G Special Purpose Industrial IoT Networks

by   Nurul Huda Mahmood, et al.
University of Oulu

Future industrial applications will encompass compelling new use cases requiring stringent performance guarantees over multiple key performance indicators (KPI) such as reliability, dependability, latency, time synchronization, security, etc. Achieving such stringent and diverse service requirements necessitates the design of a special-purpose Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) network comprising a multitude of specialized functionalities and technological enablers. This article proposes an innovative architecture for such a special-purpose 6G IIoT network incorporating seven functional building blocks categorized into: special-purpose functionalities and enabling technologies. The former consists of Wireless Environment Control, Traffic/Channel Prediction, Proactive Resource Management and End-to-End Optimization functions; whereas the latter includes Synchronization and Coordination, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, and Auxiliary Functions. The proposed architecture aims at providing a resource-efficient and holistic solution for the complex and dynamically challenging requirements imposed by future 6G industrial use cases. Selected test scenarios are provided and assessed to illustrate cross-functional collaboration and demonstrate the applicability of the proposed architecture in a wireless IIoT network.


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