A Framework for Searching for General Artificial Intelligence

11/02/2016 ∙ by Marek Rosa, et al. ∙ GoodAI 0

There is a significant lack of unified approaches to building generally intelligent machines. The majority of current artificial intelligence research operates within a very narrow field of focus, frequently without considering the importance of the 'big picture'. In this document, we seek to describe and unify principles that guide the basis of our development of general artificial intelligence. These principles revolve around the idea that intelligence is a tool for searching for general solutions to problems. We define intelligence as the ability to acquire skills that narrow this search, diversify it and help steer it to more promising areas. We also provide suggestions for studying, measuring, and testing the various skills and abilities that a human-level intelligent machine needs to acquire. The document aims to be both implementation agnostic, and to provide an analytic, systematic, and scalable way to generate hypotheses that we believe are needed to meet the necessary conditions in the search for general artificial intelligence. We believe that such a framework is an important stepping stone for bringing together definitions, highlighting open problems, connecting researchers willing to collaborate, and for unifying the arguably most significant search of this century.



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