A framework for retinal vessel segmentation from fundus images using hybrid feature set and hierarchical classification

07/30/2020 ∙ by Sunder Ali Khowaja, et al. ∙ 0

Retinal blood vessels play an imperative role in detection of many ailments, such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetic retinopathy. The automated way of segmenting vessels from retinal images can help in early detection of many diseases. In this paper, we propose a framework based on hybrid feature set and hierarchical classification approach to segment blood vessels from digital retinal images. Firstly, we apply bidirectional histogram equalization on the inverted green channel to enhance the fundus image. Six discriminative feature extraction methods have been employed comprising of local intensities, local binary patterns, histogram of gradients, divergence of vector field, high-order local autocorrelations, and morphological transformation. The selection of feature sets has been carried out by classifying vessel and background pixels using random forests and evaluating the segmentation performance for each category of features. The selected feature sets are then used in conjunction with our proposed hierarchical classification approach to segment the vessels. The proposed framework has been tested on the DRIVE, STARE, and CHASEDB1 which are the benchmark datasets for retinal vessel segmentation methods. The results obtained from the experimental analysis show that the proposed framework can achieve better results than most state-of-the-art methods.



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